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Emergency Dentistry in Marlton, NJ

If you are dealing with a dental emergency in Marlton, New Jersey, Our dentists at Drs. Rosen & Dworkin are available 24 hours per day and seven days a week to help. When you find yourself in urgent need of dental care, call (856) 983-7732 today for an appointment.

Emergency Dental Care

A dental emergency is a situation that requires prompt attention from a dental professional. At our office, we understand that you cannot always plan when you will need our care. If you experience a dental emergency, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. Our team will schedule you to meet with our dentist as soon as we are able so you can receive the care you need. We are happy to care for several types of dental emergencies, including:


  • Severe, lasting toothaches or other types of tooth pain
  • A lost dental restoration, such as a lost filling or crown
  • Damage to the soft tissues of the mouth, including the tongue, cheeks, lips and gums
  • A cracked or fractured tooth
  • A chipped or broken tooth
  • A partially or fully knocked-out tooth

Don’t Ignore Dental Pain and Discomfort

Injury to your teeth or gums has the potential to be very serious and shouldn’t be ignored.  Ignoring pain and discomfort in your mouth can lead to more permanent damage requiring more extensive treatment. Our office phone line will connect you directly to our on-call emergency dentist who will return your call promptly if we are unable to immediately answer you call.  Let us know the cause of your pain, where in your mouth or jaw the pain is located, and any other details to help our dentists act quickly.

Please Note:

Due to allergies, we ask our patients to kindly refrain from wearing perfume. We appreciate your cooperation.

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