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The staff in our office promotes regular professional teeth cleaning and oral exams. These appointments also offer you the opportunity to ask the doctors about any issues you are having, or questions about our services.

Root Canals, Marlton, NJ

Root Canals

Pulp is soft, living tissue deep within each tooth. When the pulp is damaged by decay or injury, it can be quite painful, and may even cause you to lose your tooth. The treatment for this condition is known as endodontics, or root canal, during which the damaged pulp is removed and the tooth is sealed and restored to normal function and appearance with a filling or a crown.

Drs. Rosen and Dworkin have embraced the exciting new technology of rotary endodontics for more comfortable and efficient root canal treatment. This method employs motorized instruments made of nickel and titanium, which are stronger and faster than the old manual instruments, to carefully and completely remove only the damaged portion of the tooth. The advantages of this method are safer, more predictable results, shorter treatment times, and greater comfort for the patient. Please contact our office today if you think you may need a root canal, or would like to learn more about our rotary technology.

Cavity Treatment, Marlton, NJ

Cavity Treatment with Air Abrasion

Imagine getting a filling without a shot of numbing medication in your gums, or the unpleasant sound, smell, and vibration of a dental drill. With the advanced technology available at Rosen and Dworkin, P.A., you may now be eligible for a “needle-less, drill-less” filling!

Air abrasion is an advanced treatment method. An instrument that emits a thin, powerful stream of air containing safe, microscopic particles is used to precisely and quickly remove just the decayed tissue. It is so comfortable, most patients can undergo air abrasion without anesthesia. The air abrasion technique significantly reduces the amount of healthy tooth that is removed in comparison to a standard drill, which means that the filling will be smaller and more of the tooth’s natural structure and strength will be preserved.

Air abrasion is not appropriate for cutting through your existing metal or composite fillings, veneers, or crowns. Please contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rosen or Dr. Dworkin and see if a “needle-less, drill-less” filling is right for you!

TMJ, Marlton, NJ

TMJ Treatment

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ), located between your jaw and skull, is the joint that allows your mouth to open and close when you eat, speak, or smile. This joint is one of the most complex structures in the human body. The constant use of the TMJ during even normal activities can stress the joint, injuring it or causing it to work improperly.

Symptoms of TMJ disorders can include facial or ear pain, jaw soreness, clicking or popping noises upon opening or closing the mouth, jaw stiffness, headaches, or neck discomfort. Symptoms can range from mild discomfort to debilitating pain.

Diagnosis of TMJ disorders can be difficult, as jaw pain is often related to other conditions, such as poor sinus drainage, arthritis, or facial injury. A qualified and experienced dentist can make a TMJ diagnosis and recommend an appropriate course of treatment to relieve some or all of the symptoms. A thorough physical exam and X-rays may be necessary.

Dr. Rosen and Dr. Dworkin may utilize several methods for treating TMJ, depending on your particular needs. Mouth guards, muscle relaxants, and stress reduction techniques can help. If you are concerned about TMJ and wish to schedule a complete exam with Dr. Rosen or Dr. Dworkin, please contact our office today at (856) 983-7732.

Fillings, Marlton, NJ

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Silver or gold fillings to restore a tooth after a cavity or root canal used to be the norm. But silver colored fillings have a tendency to weaken tooth structure over time, and can even turn your tooth black. And gold fillings can be expensive. Now there is a better option: tooth-colored fillings. Made of a durable resin composite that is tinted to exactly match your natural teeth, these fillings can restore your smile and help you avoid the embarrassment of having a “metal mouth.” Available for both front and back teeth, tooth-colored fillings are incredibly strong, natural-looking, and long-lasting. Talk to Dr. Rosen or Dr. Dworkin today to find out if a tooth-colored filling will work for you.

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